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It makes sense -- the G-spot is a nexus of tissues right in front of the bladder. Want even more of a twist on this common sex position? In my workshops , I've had many women ask me what to do when their male partners get immediately aroused but it takes for them longer to get there.

Pleasureable sex

Why does this work so well in straddle position? Plus, your chests are free to expand without the natural pressure that happens when lying down.

Pleasureable sex

Pleasureable sex

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  1. Do yourself and your genitals a favor: Not sure which ones to try?

  2. Both of you lie on your sides, scisssoring your legs together. Do yourself and your genitals a favor:

  3. Do yourself and your genitals a favor:

  4. And speaking of masturbation, it's time to quit believing these myths. To make it even more intense, instead of simply sitting on top, get on your knees and lean forward, then move in and out nice and slow.

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