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Sometimes we meet with success, sometimes not. Listening to your concerns, we set out to revolutionize pet clean up.


Even if the technology was available, it would be only a partial answer to the much larger problem of social engineering by fraudsters. Additionally, our Cornstarch Line of bags are made from a natural corn-based material and therefore by using our products to pick up after your pet you're both reducing your carbon footprint and reducing the levels of plastics in our landfills which take generations to completely break down. And importantly, it will help strengthen consumer trust by establishing a more genuinely mutual process.



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  1. Our pet waste bags fit any standard dispenser, so you can continuing using your favorite dispenser for the time being look from a new dispenser line from us to be available for purchase soon. All the same, no matter how long the odds might seem, the risk to the customer is great.

  2. Our pet waste bags fit any standard dispenser, so you can continuing using your favorite dispenser for the time being look from a new dispenser line from us to be available for purchase soon. Into this field we placed a word.

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