Redding paintball


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Some rounds, I got shot before I even spotted an opponent. One headed down to a wooded valley my team , and the others went into a two-story wooden structure the Castle overlooking it. Opening my car door, I immediately heard what sounded like machine gun fire.

Redding paintball

The Battlefield Expand When everyone suited and loaded up, we walked about a quarter-mile to a field in the woods called the Castle. On my left, the other field had a variety of strategically aligned red and blue inflatable structures. Comparing battle scars at the end of a match makes for a fun, albeit somewhat disgusting time.

Redding paintball

Redding paintball

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  1. I took aim, and pulled the trigger — way wide. Paintballs whizzed by me, and I could hear round after round splattering against the palette.

  2. In others, I was one of the few remaining towards the end.

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