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When at first you will be annoyed with him, you will find yourself sympathizing for the mess of a man he turned out to be and rooting for the person he wanted to be. She's a two point five year-old girl toddler who provides all the honey with her innocence and unconditional love - for her brother, for Jody and for Jackson.


She was an insipid, sniveling girl who took all of Jackson's abuse. Needless to say, I made a fool of myself on Goodreads again.



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  1. Jackson found a certain closeness to this little girl because according to him, Cree didn't know any better.

  2. Like I said, you need to be patient with this book.

  3. The author used humor and sweetness to tell a story that's otherwise deceptively heavy. It dealt with grief, a teen's feeling of alienation, drug abuse, love, family and friendships where you least expect it.

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