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The awards were handed out at ceremonies held during the RONA Spring Show in Calgary, an internal event where dealer-owners and managers of RONA stores are invited to discover exclusive new products and services available as of spring These are the people who make a company great.

Rona kingsville

Fix all of management. These are the people who make a company great.

Rona kingsville

Rona kingsville

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  1. And we'll let's say it's the worst one out there.

  2. And when that day comes, they will all put there hands up and say we don't know what's going on. The criteria used to measure their achievements include sales growth, profitability, quality of customer service and loss control.

  3. And the store will fall in sales.

  4. For more information, please visit www. The store manager, only cares about results, and when those results cannot be met, well you should look out for your job, he runs a business based on fear.

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