Ruined orgasum


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But this can be trickier than it sounds. I just let my fingertips brush lightly over the shaft, frenum, and head of his penis, vibrating my hand quite fast, almost as though masturbating my own clitoris. If your sub isn't interested in ruined orgasms but you are, then using it as a threat or punishment is probably the best option.

Ruined orgasum

If you're out for fun for you or your sub, try out some alternative approaches. This is often done with slave kneeling on the bed as in the first example. Sometimes the sub will be unable to do anything about it, while other times the sub will be able to have another orgasm right away.

Ruined orgasum

Ruined orgasum

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  1. To better understand a sub who is interested in ruined orgasms, see if it's the controlling aspect of a ruined orgasm your sub likes, or if he likes the idea of being disappointed and wants you to use the threat as leverage or punishment. You completely withdraw your hands from him, and leave him with nothing but air.

  2. Usually what it is they are enjoying is your control and dominance over their "ultimate" form of pleasure.

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