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Things that the government of Nigeria does for the their favorite children. If what happened in Kaduna had been usual, what happened in Aba and other eastern cities are unusual.


They want to know when Igbos will stop running. When the fowl was approached, it indicated an intention not to participate in the meeting but committed itself to abide by whatever decision the gatherings arrived at.



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  1. During the meeting, the animals discussed whom amongst them hovering humans should use for sacrifice. Just like the annual killing of Igbos in the North, the victims are unfortunately the ordinary Nigerians who have the courage to believe in the Nigeria dream.

  2. She moved around to the other side of the bed and started into my other hip — the side of her hand pressing against my groin.

  3. The death of those who believe, leaves the scene open for only those who do not believe. The children of a New Biafra who saw no war are poised to go out and grab what is theirs.

  4. Most of the times, these different groups apply restrain and resist the temptation. They are fade up with understanding and making peace.

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