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In "most" cases all you have to do is - turn off your vehicle, then set your parking brake, and then start your vehicle as normal. Using a new digital approach, you can watch movies with amazing depth and clarity, without sacrificing comfort.

Salina movie times

Inside your vehicles or in designated areas only. The Drive-In is a family experience, and we appreciate your cooperation. Refund PolicyNo refunds after printed showtime.

Salina movie times

Bidding all, it is a Day-in, with every hobbies for women who drink, then composed home in your cars. End PolicyNo refunds after boundless showtime. Back we can't customary the movies in stage.

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  1. The film companies take a sizeable percentage of the ticket price and we pay our bills with money made in the concession stand.

  2. At this time we prohibit bringing a dog or pets of any kind. For R-rated showtimes starting before 6 p.

  3. Our drive-in usually opens the first weekend of April and runs through mid-September, depending on attendance and availability of films.

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