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By Zennmaster, on February 19th, As with any scientific endeavor, there are essentially two main categories of error that an investigator may encounter: That tree was a false positive. I am reminded of a conversation I once had in NorCal with a seasoned bigfoot investigator, who told me that he had lived in the area for more than a decade, and had never found any credible evidence of sasquatches.


Who knows, maybe a real sasquatch will wander by. The front of the impression appears to show toes, although the one in the middle is the most prominent, which would be unusual, even for a sasquatch.



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  1. They then just went about their lives, never giving them a second thought. When morning comes, they often find vague but suspicious impressions in the nearby ground.

  2. Just start at the Wahkeena falls trailhead, and hike up toward Fairy Falls, which is the name of the waterfall in the background. I am pretty sure this track was made by a person who, for whatever reason, was stepping slightly up onto the bank on the right, possibly found a slippery spot, and rotated his or her foot back and forth to regain stability, and in the process created this impression.

  3. We then proceeded on dirt and gravel.

  4. Most investigators, or even casual enthusiasts would probably agree that there are plenty of false negatives in Sasquatchery. You could drive up Bluff Creek road right now and take this same photograph.

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