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Oak Park King 11, by Halton Scallawag 2. A scamp ; a scapegrace. It shifted a little later to mean any politician who was corrupt or an intriguer.



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  1. Where it comes from is a matter of some dispute, though the Scots tongue seems to be an intermediary. Whelped March 16,

  2. Gunslingers 'I'll Always Be Waiting'

  3. A Chronicle A friend of his boyhood had turned scallawag, and had been rewarded by a doorkeepership. John Russell Bartlett, 4 Dictionary of Americanisms, 2nd ed.

  4. Select your currency from the list and click Donate. It was applied to undersized or ill-formed cattle, or to some disreputable person.

  5. It was applied to undersized or ill-formed cattle, or to some disreputable person. Instagram user hamad1two3 is the source

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