Scarlett and rhett relationship


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She is famous for her fashionably small waist. Beneath her polished exterior, she is dynamo of unruly impulses. Personality[ edit ] Scarlett O'Hara is an atypical protagonist, especially as a female romantic lead in fiction.

Scarlett and rhett relationship

In that context, I think he is—if these are the choices—a dreamboat. Searching for Scarlett[ edit ] While the studio and the public agreed that the part of Rhett Butler should go to Clark Gable except for Clark Gable himself , casting for the role of Scarlett was harder. For me, as a binary function, Rhett is neither complete dreamboat nor total douchebag.

Scarlett and rhett relationship

Scarlett and rhett relationship

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  1. Against no one was feeling more bitter than against Rhett Butler. But the real love story in Gone with the Wind is not between these two selfish, self-centered characters whose passion torments and ultimately ruins the happiness of both.

  2. But they also loved each other, accepting the way they were.

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  4. I think he is both. God help the Yankees if they should get you.

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