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At an information session for prostitutes, both legal and underage, we meet "Phoebe". Until those attitudes are changed, the crisis of underage prostitution will keep recycling itself. Read the terms and conditions.

Sex in mombasa

Read the terms and conditions. Almost all of them older men, in their 50s and 60s and usually walking alone or with their companion, a Kenyan local.

Sex in mombasa

Sex in mombasa

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  1. Almost all of them older men, in their 50s and 60s and usually walking alone or with their companion, a Kenyan local. Underage prostitute 'Phoebe' These people are looking for sex with children, underage prostitutes and the desperately poor willing to sell themselves so they have enough food.

  2. Men are behaving like animals or birds. It looks like many other poverty stricken towns dotted across east Africa.

  3. There are tourists, plenty of them, but they are overwhelmingly men.

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