Sex tips in islam


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This is my sunnah, and any person that turns away from this sunnah is not from me. These sayings clearly show that the husband and the wife should feel completely free when they are engaged in mutual stimulation which is known as foreplay.

Sex tips in islam

Three ladies went to the Prophet S to complain. I came to know some positions are not accepted in our islam, what are they? What exactly do you fear Write a list of 5 things you fear the most about sex and list under that what your husband could do to ease these fears.

Sex tips in islam

Sex tips in islam

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  1. In particular, kohl has been recommended for women. Please do not let your parents choose someone you do not like or choose without your consent.

  2. Allah Subhanah has Commanded the believers to abstain from having the actual act of intercourse with their wives while they are in the state of menses or periods.

  3. As far as the basic coital positions are concerned, there are no restrictions. The reason for this is simple; Islam recognizes the innate nature of man, and has ordained sexual relations for pleasure, and not just procreation.

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