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Hairy transfers him over to the engineer, who immediately recognizes the problem and fixes it. The engineer talks to him over the phone indicated with zigzag lines.


Wires going off panel right toward the desk. Metadiscussions If you have any thoughts on how the moderation could be improved do not hesitate to message the moderators. Oh my god, this is the greatest— Cueball:



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  1. Established meme formats are allowed, as long as the post is compliant with the previous rules. Customers like the Cueball in this comic often find it frustrating to deal with representatives reading from scripts.

  2. Metadiscussions If you have any thoughts on how the moderation could be improved do not hesitate to message the moderators. Can you put her on?

  3. Its use originates in the Hebrew Bible, where the precise pronunciation of this word was used to distinguish Gileadites from Ephramites.

  4. The problem is between your office and the modem.

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