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The show was hosted by Amitabh Bachchan in his first appearance on Indian television, [55] and received additional seasons in —06, [56] , and then every year since It isn't so much about trying to catch pupils out, more about seeing if "Yes, this pupil understands the concept of dividing by one". He was a complete gentleman, so handsome, and bought me drinks.

Should you ask him out quiz

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Should you ask him out quiz

Should you ask him out quiz

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  1. Getting a little discouraged. When used, the contestant asks a sequestered panel of three people, all chosen by the producers and appearing via face-to-face audio and video feeds, to help them with answering a question.

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  3. Seth calls me out again for not following him back on Insta. After the episode had been filmed, an investigation was ordered.

  4. I yell in his ear that I am going to find my friends and go home to bed. They are given only 30 seconds to provide input, with the time beginning the moment the contestant begins telling them what the question is, and the four possible answers for it.

  5. Someone new is thrown into the mix.

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