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However, that is not the truth at all — the truth becomes obvious on the credit card pre-authorization screen. Price Tag Depending on the site you will be redirected to, you will be charged the appropriate fees, which are, more or less. As you can see, they say that your credit card will not be charged.


We got redirected to Well Hello and one go, and, at the second ago we got redirected to Local Milf Selfies. The site first shows you a landing page of a hot girl shown below.



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  1. When you click the homepage link, you get redirected to a bunch of other fraudulent adult dating sites at one go. The page by itself is so full of tricks and insidious traps that you will need to be a really experienced dater to catch them all:

  2. They do this in a manner that leaves them entertained and curious. No Charge Second Box:

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