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While having knowledge of what society deems to be human rights, a sociopath rejects these completely, viewing the rules as somehow not applying to them, repeatedly harming others and violating their rights whenever they think they can get away with it. This also avoids the serious issue of discrimination against mental illness - technically, sociopaths are sane. So naturally they hang out on a website that looks like a relic from the late s, sharing South Park memes, and fantasizing about mass murder.

Sociopath discussion forum

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Sociopath discussion forum

Sociopath discussion forum

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  1. Warning signs of a sociopath include a charming outward nature that hides a manipulative core, as well as a lack of regret for their actions. Secondly, a possible counter-argument that "they deserve compassion because they are suffering from a psychiatric disorder, thus they shouldn't be denied full human rights", is also something I find fails to convince me.

  2. I argue for the latter, restricting their rights and granting them considerably less rights than non-sociopaths.

  3. They say, "um" more often. They speak in the past tense.

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