Somali women marriage


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The duties of child rearing are essentially the mother's, although the father will take part in Quranic and religious education. So does Shakur plan to remarry? The mother is usually aided in her task by both her sisters and her elder daughters.

Somali women marriage

But hopefully with time it'll change. As to who was to blame, women or men, interviewees split on gender lines:

Somali women marriage

Somali women marriage

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  1. Sons generally receive an equal share of the father's property, whereas the rights of the daughters are less secure.

  2. She can go out with him and give it a try. Many such women either divorce their husbands immediately on arrival, in order to start a new life, or do so a few years later, when their applications for family reunion are turned down.

  3. I don't want my daughter to marry any non-Somali person,'" Mohamud recalled.

  4. The ambitious family-law reform, stipulating that daughters should have equal rights to inheritance, has had little impact in either rural or urban areas. The main reason for her coming to the UK was to marry her long-term sweetheart, Mohamed Ali, who had arrived five months earlier.

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