Southampton dogging


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You can't honestly suggest he moves there from Bournemouth. In short it can be fun but be very careful. Then I got divorced and moved to North Hampshire village just outside Fleet in - best decision ever.

Southampton dogging

Business South has just learnt that it is on track next month to record the second best-ever financial results in its year history. It's alright, it's a town near Winch, it is a bit boring though. However, there is a cloud on the horizon for the parent company.

Southampton dogging

Southampton dogging

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  1. It's the wood just after the Hawthorns when coming from Cemetary Road, find your own way in [many tracks] but watch out for brambles and nettles [worth it though] Deleted account:

  2. A few yards after, take the track on the left into the wood.

  3. As you walk up the path into the common, the wood is immediately ahead of you and to the right, on the other side of the stream. I wouldn't go there on my own or without my mobile.

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