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While I originally thought of going through a history of the game itself, you can find out more than I could ever cover here on the versions page of the wiki. Final Demo finally introduced level headers, fixing this problem. When the player moves, it mirrors their forward and backwards movement, and stops when the player stops.


This screenshot has the palette tweaked for red-green colorblindness and has the captioning enabled. Even in Ringslinger gametypes when Super Sonic players can receive damage, this frame is overridden by the floating frame before the player even gets to see it.



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  1. Types to Slope Linedef types The supported slope specials as of Version 2. The graphics for it do not exist in the IWAD anymore, only its music, which is another unused asset.

  2. Type 65 Bridge Thinker Does a great amount of nothing.

  3. The sheer introduction of multiple characters was a huge change that still continues to add variety and work to do to this day. When I joined Sonic Team Jr.

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