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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most airlines prefer candidates with weights proportionate to their heights. Once referred to as airline stewardesses and stewards, these airline employees are generally now called "flight attendants. Nine cabin crew members aboard Air France Flight successfully evacuated the aircraft within 90 seconds after the A overran a runway at Toronto Pearson International Airport.


Further, airlines might require fluency in a second language if you work on international flights. Madeline Amy Sweeney , was also a flight attendant on board Flight 11, Sweeney was the first to describe the hijackers, and their actions. The NTSB accident report commended "the exemplary manner in which the flight attendant briefed the passengers and handled the emergency".



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  1. The BLS notes that most airlines require at least one year of customer service experience.

  2. An Angel on Wheels , a German comedy with Romy Schneider as a guardian angel who disguises herself as a flight attendant.

  3. Increasing Responsibilities Although ensuring passenger safety has always been an important part of the job, in the early decades the emphasis was on keeping passengers -- who were mostly businessmen -- comfortable and happy. For international positions, fluency in a foreign language is a plus.

  4. Neerja an Indian movie about Neerja Bhanot , head flight attendant at the Pan Am Flight 73 , who saved the life of her crew and passenger and was awarded Ashoka Chakra military decoration Notable flight attendants[ edit ] Ron Akana served the second longest career as a flight attendant. From , up until his retirement in , Ron worked for United Airlines cabin crew for 63 years, retiring at the age of

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