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Thu 19th Jul We have a few lovely incentives for our generous donors… All donors will be recognised on our virtual Wall of Gratitude if they choose to be.

Sustainable living armidale

Armidale Community Garden Added by editor, on July 3rd, Six years ago a group of enthusiastic volunteers took up the challenge of turning six abandoned tennis courts into a community garden. SLAM Comments are closed. Three unique Australian animals have been lost in the last decade, and another ten birds and seven mammals are set go extinct in the next 20 years.

Sustainable living armidale

Sustainable living armidale

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  1. Belinda will give a demo on how to make vegan cheese and a couple of vegan dips. There are some non-sewing jobs to do also.

  2. Belinda will give a demo on how to make vegan cheese and a couple of vegan dips.

  3. Black crate recycling system continues to achieve waste diversion goals Added by editor, on July 18th, Many people in the community have often asked me why we continue to use the black crate recycling system instead of moving to the co-mingled yellow lid recycling bins used by many other jurisdictions. As well as reducing the energy we use:

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