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Modalism holds that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit do not refer to distinct persons in the godhead, but to different modes of existence of a single person. Why was it necessary for me to be so forthright in calling out these men by name?

Td jakes false

However, Jakes still uses the "manifestation" terminology in reference to the three Persons in the Trinity. This was nearly 90 minutes into the service, and it took me two days just to get that far, so I didn't listen to Furtick's sermon.

Td jakes false

Td jakes false

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  1. Is it me or does it look like Jakes is saying, "Ooh! You gotta be careful about putting your mouth on people, Constance.

  2. Doesn't God ordain all things, good or bad Lamentations 3: The next year he established T.

  3. Multiple video screens went into hyper seizure-inducing screen-saver mode. You're right, it is.

  4. I truly regret I didn't take the Lord's Word seriously sooner.

  5. There will be a bodily resurrection of the dead.

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