Tese and denial


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The dom will often deny the submissive BDSM sexual release to maintain their heightened state of sexual arousal, as a way to satisfy their desires for erotic humiliation, or as a way to satisfy the dominant's own desires to erotically humiliate. If orgasm still occurs after removal of stimulation, it typically brings less pleasure than usual, and is considered a "ruined orgasm", as opposed to being a "denied orgasm" sometimes known in men as " blue balls ". Depending on the relationship, subjects might be repeatedly teased to the point of orgasm several times, but without actual orgasm, causing feelings of intense arousal and psychological need.

Tese and denial

Dominant lovers can use this practice to experience enjoyable and sometimes intensely craved feelings of sexual control and erotic power. Depending on the situation, sexual arousal may still be possible regardless of physical barriers to genital stimulation. Orgasm denial as a way of orgasm control is a widely practiced activity within erotic feminization.

Tese and denial

Tese and denial

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