The age building tullamarine


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A control centre, visible from the street, will accommodate news desk staff, while supporting journalists will be arranged around the core. This was Graham Perkin , appointed in , who radically changed the paper's format and shifted its editorial line from the rather conservative liberalism of the Symes to a new "left liberalism" characterised by attention to issues such as race, gender and the environment, and opposition to White Australia and the death penalty.

The age building tullamarine

In , that crest was removed and in , the royal coat of arms was introduced. In , The Age opened a new printing centre at Tullamarine. After Syme's death the paper remained in the hands of his three sons, with his eldest son Herbert Syme becoming general manager until his death in

The age building tullamarine

The age building tullamarine

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  1. This new lease on life allowed The Age to recover commercially, and in it received a great boost when The Argus ceased publication. In circulation, it soon overtook its rivals The Herald and The Argus , and by it was selling , copies a day, making it one of the world's most successful newspapers.

  2. Under the management of Sir Geoffrey Syme —42 , and his chosen editors Gottlieb Schuler and Harold Campbell , The Age failed to modernise, and gradually lost market share to The Argus and to the tabloid The Sun News-Pictorial , although its classified advertisement sections kept the paper profitable.

  3. MC Tony Charlton said the launch was not just a time to reminisce, but also to be inspired.

  4. Perkin's editorship coincided with Gough Whitlam 's reforms of the Labor Party, and The Age became a key supporter of the Whitlam government, which came to power in

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