Thick jawns


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That was the only time I ever felt ashamed of my body in a yoga class. The teacher was awesome and the cues she gave took so much pressure off my hips. Kundalini yoga did for me what vicodin and cabernet could not.

Thick jawns

Working out in a room full of thin, scantily clad people with type-A personalities can be vulnerable for some. Always have, always will.

Thick jawns

Thick jawns

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  1. Especially when your environment is triggering and littered with passive aggressive comments and glances.

  2. No big deal, I thought. Now how can I deny my momma?

  3. The pain in my back disappeared. What if I stay the same weight?

  4. If that vital component is absent, it can be hard to connect with yourself. I tend to avoid labels, because from my experience, it only separates people.

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