Three month anniversary ideas


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With the dream book in hand, you and your sweetheart are ready to plan a lifetime of happy anniversaries. For example, if you went to the movies on your first date, rent the DVD, light some candles and pop some corn. Up the ante on a basic champagne cocktail by adding fruit elixirs to the drink.

Three month anniversary ideas

It provides the perfect medium for writing your sweetie romantic love notes or copying the lines of her favorite songs or poems, as well as sharing memories of the time you have spent together. How Do I Love Thee?

Three month anniversary ideas

Three month anniversary ideas

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  1. For example, if you went to the movies on your first date, rent the DVD, light some candles and pop some corn. Gifts For a fun, creative gift idea, Emily Johnson of Celebrations suggests having some photo cards printed up.

  2. Alternatively, since the number three is so prevalent in spiritual teachings, literature and folk tales as a lucky number, you may even want to borrow from this for your gift.

  3. If that's not possible, recreate the memory of it.

  4. Overview Folklorists say that good things come in threes -- and your anniversary is no exception.

  5. Set the table with a simple centerpiece of cut flowers and aromatic herbs for the fresh, sweet smelling table setting.

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