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Every year since its inception, Lorenzo Antonio and Sparx have held at least one concert where funds are raised for "The Sparx and Lorenzo Scholarship. They were married for over 40 years until his passing in S and Mexico for decades.

Tiny morrie biography

Many felt that Juanito was robbed of 1st place, while many others felt that Lorenzo Antonio Y Su Grupo won 1st place fair and square. Those who wish to express condolences may do so at www.

Tiny morrie biography

Tiny morrie biography

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  1. The minute film featured an unreleased song called "Siempre," which became the title track of his next album; while continuing to focus on ranchera and country, Siempre also wove in Mexican cumbia rhythms.

  2. Antonio's paternal grandparents also had a great love for music, and both of them played instruments and sang. United States[ edit ] The financial help that Lorenzo Antonio has provided, along with his sisters, Sparx, via their foundation to New Mexico students, has had a substantial impact on the lives of many young adults.

  3. Her first real physical business was Bennie's Grocery store in northern New Mexico.

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