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You do the math. The foibles and insecurities of dating, on both sides of the table, have never been presented more honestly, or more wittily.

Top dating movies

Feel free to substitute. The most romantic part?

Top dating movies

Top dating movies

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  1. We found some absolute classics. Before proceedings get messy, the pair wander the New York streets together Gosling and Williams went unscripted , falling in love and fooling around — the highlight of which has to be this infectious little ukelele number.

  2. Y Tu Mama Tambien [Photo: Netflix and Chill means watching Netflix with someone and seeing where the night takes you.

  3. Love Actually This now-classic romantic comedy offers 10 separate stories that delve into different aspects of love in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day. Sixteen Candles Our list starts with one of the most iconic coming-of-age movies ever produced.

  4. This series of dates may end up a little one-sided for Wall-E, but we all know it pays off in the end. The Philadelphia Story [Photo:

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