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Cedric can be very nervous, and is sometimes seen wringing his hands in worry. This could be a solution to bring the end of the popularity of such negative narratives about black players in the press.

Ugly buts

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Ugly buts

Ugly buts

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  1. Angela Young voiced by Kath Soucie — The only female human ever shown on the show. Share via Email Raheem Sterling pointed to a marked difference between reports regarding young black and white footballers at Manchester City.

  2. Cedric Cyles voiced by Ogie Banks — A year-old boy, Cedric hangs out with Mike and Angela he was moved forward in school, which explains his age and his height. He says he does not want to fight or hurt anyone.

  3. I have to say that I am rather content with my petite frame and small, round ass.

  4. Once those garments come off, everything falls apart and what you are left with is a disgusting, loose and flabby cellulite-stricken bum, an awfully ghastly sight.

  5. A typical teenager , Mike enjoys TV, junk food, hoverboarding, and the newest pop music.

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