Upward penis


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You can't, except perhaps by avoiding sexual acts which might damage or over-stretch the penis. Sometimes plaque goes all the way around the penis, causing a "waisting" or "bottleneck" deformity.

Upward penis

A condition in which the penis becomes curved during an erection. Sometimes plaque goes all the way around the penis, causing a "waisting" or "bottleneck" deformity.

Upward penis

Upward penis

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  1. They can also rule out any other possible causes.

  2. The affected area may be injected with steroids or other chemical agents to attack the build-up of plaques.

  3. There are three operations available: Every penis is bit bent and a slight bend upwards is not just normal but desirable.

  4. A plaque usually forms on the top of the shaft, causing the penis to bend upward.

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