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However the style of vaporwave is perhaps not the musical stylings, but the visual stylings. The two terms were often used interchangeably with each other.

Vaporwave subgenres

The subgenre established the very template that most vaporwave musicians used to transform a whole world of forgotten pop culture into a legitimate mode of expression. Chillwave , Hypnagogic pop , and Seapunk Vaporwave originated on the Internet as an ironic variant of chillwave , [19] drawing on the retro style's "analog nostalgia" [6] as well as the work of hypnagogic pop artists such as Ariel Pink and James Ferraro , who were also characterized by the invocation of retro popular culture. Mallsoft Take Hypnagogic, play it in an abandoned shopping mall and throw in some elevator music and you have Mallsoft.

Vaporwave subgenres

Vaporwave subgenres

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  1. Like mallsoft, much of the music is ambient to the point of being subliminal, yet unlike mallsoft, the thematic focus is less on consumerism and more on the infiltration of digital technology into our lives. Vaporwave doesn't just recreate corporate lounge music — it plumps it up into something sexier and more synthetic.

  2. It remodels and repackages it, adding implicit layers of social commentary. Originally created back in by an artist under the name Macintosh Plus, with the album Floral Shoppe, this artist spawned a countless amount of imitators desperately hoping to capture what Macintosh Plus had.

  3. Add fucking killer robots, neon lights, David hasselhoff and a delorean and you got yourself some good shit.

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