Vch piercing rings


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Some females like a short barbell better than a long one. This would again make the user feel like the piercing is new.

Vch piercing rings

In case the wearer likes pressure or abrasion during sexual intercourse, jewelry having a thicker gauge can be utilized. It has been observed that some females have lost sensitivity to the jewelry in course of time. Some females like a short barbell better than a long one.

Vch piercing rings

Vch piercing rings

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  1. It becomes easier to check whether the balls are secure.

  2. Jewelry having a thicker gauge is more comfortable to the wearer and there is less likelihood of pinching or tearing.

  3. A needle receiving tube is inserted between the hood and the clitoris to perform a vertical clitoral hood piercing. An increase in the gauge of the jewelry may lead to increased stimulation.

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