Very old assamese songs


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Historians claim that a distinctive culture of the conglomeration of Songs, Musical Instruments and Dance was observed in Assam during the 2nd century. In this song, the singer is explaining the beauty of tea gardens in very impressive way.

Very old assamese songs

All native Assamese language speakers must listen to this song at once. A basic characteristic of the indigenous ethnic music of Assam is its descending scale which distinguishes it from the raga-based or folk music from the rest of India.

Very old assamese songs

Very old assamese songs

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  1. Kaitiaba Bajarate It is among the finest songs of Jayanta Hazarika whose voice is still popular among whole north-east region. This state is rich in culture that is also getting popularity all over the country.

  2. Currently, you can listen to its latest versions by many new singers with fresh music and voice.

  3. All native Assamese language speakers must listen to this song at once.

  4. In recent times starting the late eighties popular artistes have modernized the music that caters to local popular demand. His Aah Aah Olai Aah song was released on 1 December and he also did a great job as music director and Lyricist in it.

  5. On some sites, you can also find the lyrics to understand all wordings of song.

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