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Based on cutting-edge research and insights in child development, Aware Parenting questions most traditional assumptions about raising children, and proposes a new approach that can profoundly shift a parent's relationship with his or her child. I have now been to about 40 countries. Both books are available in print, digital, and audio versions.

Wes bertrand

Since then, I have spent much time giving consideration to the best ways to apply the numerous aspects of a logical philosophy and psychology. Both books are available in print, digital, and audio versions.

Wes bertrand

Wes bertrand

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  1. But it doesn't have to be like that. The American Dream has been constantly diminished by systems such as politics that use coercion and punishment as mainstays.

  2. In The Psychology of Liberty I present those aspects that I view are crucial to achieving both personal and political enlightenment.

  3. It isn't so much about staying married for the sake of the kids.

  4. From them I have learned a lot about emotional intelligence and emotional abuse.

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