What are gemini men attracted to


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Be prepared to go to his favorite thinking spot or a secluded area that only he has discovered on the rooftop of a building or a remote area of the waterfront. Be as adventurous and unpredictable as you can. How to Attract a Gemini Man If your center of attraction is a Gemini man, then beware of the twin personalities.

What are gemini men attracted to

Gemini men, much like Gemini women, have the gift of the gab. If you are the quiet type and look forward to a settled, comfortable life with a 9to5 job, children, yearly vacations — this man may not be the right one for you. He is someone who likes to talk a lot and requires a partner that can keep up with the conversation at hand.

What are gemini men attracted to

What are gemini men attracted to

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