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He's been run over by a car, mugged, shot, stabbed, poisoned and dumped into the San Francisco Bay, all because he's been assigned to join a lovely young couple, Michael Tattinger and Nina Davis, by Valentine's Day. Totally Wired features thirty-two interviews with postpunk's most innovative musicians and colourful personalities - Ari Up, Jah Wobble, David Byrne, Green Gartside, Lydia Lunch, Edwyn Collins - as well as other movers and shakers of the period:

Whatever cupid

Buzzing with ideas and insights, Totally Wired is an absolute mind rush. We gain a vivid sense of individuals struggling against the odds to make their world as interesting as possible, in the process leaving a legacy of artistic ambition and provocation that reverberates to this day. Along with the interviews, Totally Wired also includes a bonus 'overviews' section:

Whatever cupid

Whatever cupid

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