When he stops texting


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He started seeing someone else and doesn't have the decency to tell you. You have at one time or another forgotten to respond to a text. If you have texted him once and you have not received a reply within two days, then it is advisable to call him and find out what is going on.

When he stops texting

Therefore, you wonder why, out of nowhere, he is no longer texting you. These tips only apply to early-stage relationships and flings.

When he stops texting

When he stops texting

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Instead of distant to get him through other details, your best bet is to let him go and move on. He will small start texting you again when he places the time.
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  1. He told you he didn't want anything serious.

  2. Bad vibes come from feelings like insecurity, worrying, and anger.

  3. If a guy only texts you back because he thinks it will lead to sex, that's a huge red flag.

  4. You do not know the reason for his silence. You are allowed to send another text after 24 hours.

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