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Anthony Horden's magnificent 'Shubra Hall' near Croydon Station, is typical of the elaborate homes built by wealthy merchants in Burwood during this period. John Dulhunty , a former naval surgeon who was appointed the Superintendent of Police for the Colony of New South Wales after his arrival in Sydney from England in The other began production in Cheltenham Road in

Where is burwood in sydney

The Longbottom Government Farm was another early establishment in the Burwood area. In the same year, Concord Station was opened, renamed Redmyre in and finally changed to Strathfield in Subdivisions in the Burwood area in the s propelled the growth of a village and by , when the railway line opened, Burwood was one of the initial six stops on the Sydney-to-Parramatta route.

Where is burwood in sydney

Where is burwood in sydney

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  1. In , he set up his country home on the Punchbowl Road, naming it Adelaide Park after his daughter.

  2. Burwood now has a huge population, with a big migrant influence.

  3. The Longbottom Government Farm eventually grew into a considerable establishment covering more than acres of heavily timbered flat land, sloping down to the extensive mangrove swamps along the foreshores of Hen and Chicken Bay. This long association had led to a harmonious relationship between the indigenous inhabitants and their environment, which was interrupted by the arrival of the British in

  4. The next chapter in a historical analysis would be the very first years of the convict colony.

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