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Ben is captured by the mythical beast in the woods, who turns out to be Al Gore's African-American brother, Jerry Rice a man covered in squirrel skins and wearing one of the worst fake beards in the history of film. In fact, it's so horrendous, it makes Dude, Where's My Car? The same for the oddly sentient hummingbird that seems to be out to get Ben when he's attempting to declare his love for Earthchild.

Without a paddle sequel

When he finds out that her last known address is the Oregon wilderness, he very reluctantly agrees to set off on a search for her. Young not only does an awful spoof of his own country's speech pattern, but the writing was so incredibly stereotypical that it's a wonder he didn't leave the set in protest.

Without a paddle sequel

Without a paddle sequel

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  1. Two best friends have lost touch after high school.

  2. The film is being released directly to DVD and Blu-ray, and with very good reason -- a large group of people seeing the film at the same time might riot to get their money back. When one of Zach's patients Ellen Albertini Dow, the only little old lady goofy comedies ever cast tells him that her dying wish is to speak to her granddaughter again, and she'd like Zach's help in finding her, he's intrigued.

  3. James and Turner are pleasant enough, but just can't manage to transcend the ridiculous story.

  4. Nature's Calling is not a sequel to the film, nor are any of the original actors present.

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