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But for a subset of Americans, me included, cars are not thrones but convenience-enhancers. In this installment and the next, I share my observations on my briefly car-free life for the benefit of other Portlanders who might be on the fence about buying or replacing a car. I may not drive far or long, but it turned out that I do start up that engine often enough.

Zipcar night

Habits formed and not broken As a wet-weather transportation experiment, I committed to using only Zipcars for any driving I did for one week in November. I believe they should be safe, clean and well-maintained, but driven until they puke engine parts.

Zipcar night

Zipcar night

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Walking is totally fun. Two packages why, I zipcar night smarter, more in addition with an ever-evolving discovery, but away older and more dependable of my own under fun to solitary.

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  1. My family had signed up to volunteer at a fundraiser for the high school ski team in the evening, and my husband and I had a tentative date-night across town.

  2. I had an afternoon meeting with a friend, but I could bike to that.

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